A selection of projects implemented by us ...

Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) - Terminal Niebüll


DB Terminal Niebuell


  • Best illumination in comparison with the competition
  • 20 % saving of light poles
  • Reduction of maintenance costs by long service life

(You can find a film about this project on our website: http://www.boesha.de)



City of Soest - Roundabouts and city bypass Danziger Ring


Referenz Soest Danziger Ring


  • Completely new installation of the northeastern bypass and its roundabouts
  • Standard-compliant illumination of the roadway and cycle tracks, just from one side of the street, having a total width of approximately 17 m
  • Illumination of the roundabouts from the centre
  • Standard-compliant illumination of the pedestrian crossings



Sewage Treatment Plant Nuremberg - Equipping the entire factory premises


Referenz Nuernberg


  • Improved illumination of the company premises
  • Cost reduction by means of long service life and less maintenance costs
  • Reduction of CO2 emission



Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) - Railway station Ingolstadt


Bahnhof Ingolstadt


  • Efficient lighting by replacement of existing luminaire heads with LED



City of Soest - Railway station forecourt


Referenz Soest Bahnhofvorplatz


  • Barrier-free redesign of the entire area
  • Standard-compliant illumination of the travel paths and the conflict zone "fairground"
  • Lamp posts only in the outermost peripheral area of the site (5,600 m2)
  • Additional cylinder luminaires for the adjacent parking area



City of Paderborn - Project PaLeStra®

Winner of the national competition "Communes In A New Light"


Referenz Paderborn Projekt Palestra


  • High energy efficiency with specially developped whip mast luminaire
  • Exchanging existing fluorescent tube luminaires and simultaneously halving of the current consumption
  • Realisation of larger luminaire spacing
  • Uniform illumination and glare-free light



EVONIK Industries - Rheinfelden


Referenz Evonik Rheinfelden


  • Improved illumination of the company premises, especially of the parking spaces - for more safety



IBM Ehningen - Campus


IBM Ehningen Campus


  • Lower energy and running costs
  • Light of better quality than with conventional illuminants
  • Low maintenance costs


Here you find additional references:

List of References (pdf)