Coal mining and its special requirements

The company BöSha originates from mining technology. For more than 35 years, its core competence is manufacturing products for the highly demanding apparatus group I. The early development and production of the BöSha linear luminaire formed the cornerstone for decades of cooperation with the German coal mining industry, which gradually led the family-owned business to being the sole lighting supplier of the German underground mines.


Explosions protection in the industry

Long-standing experience with the explosion group I and the particular demands of hard coal mining are decisive for the quality and sturdiness of the BöSha products. Many successful projects within the sensitive group I area the family company advanced to being a sought-after partner for and supplier of special developments. The development of a LED luminaire for explosive environments represented the milestone for the second business segment with LED based Ex products. For many years, customers in the sectors chemistry, petrochemistry, offshore, refineries and malting rely on the explosion-proof lighting systems manufactured by BöSha, which are able to withstand severe thermal and mechanical impacts.


Sophistcated lighting for cities and municipalities

"Underground illumination can also be transferred to the streets." That is what the BöSha engineers thought, and henceforth they dealt with the conversion of exterior lighting with traditional lamp technology to LED technology. Soon afterwards, an own complete LED luminaire was developed and thus the third business segment, LED street lighting, was created. Urban planners and architects are counting on the energy efficient LED lighting technology provided by BöSha.