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LED Floodlight Callisto 50

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Model 346-F

Product Description and Application
The new LED floodlight system convinces by performances, unknown up to now. With up to 50 Watt, needs-based light requirements with high energy efficiency can be met.
The LED luminaire may be used for an appropriate and economical basic illumination of industrial and commercial halls. Bright, high-contrast illumination of production halls and warehouses ensures smooth production processes and safety. And all this with a service life of more than 50,000 hours.
Light distribution curve
Floodlight 346-F
symmetrical, 18°
Light distribution curve
Floodlight 346-F
, 29°
LVK Fluter 667 symmetrisch 18 grad LVK Fluter 667 symmetrisch 29 grad
Light distribution curve
Floodlight 346-F
, 54°
Light distribution curve
Floodlight 346-F
, 73°
LVK Fluter 667 symmetrisch 54 grad lvk73°
Light distribution curve
Floodlight 346-F
LVK Fluter 667 asymmetrisch


Model and Performance Variants
Wattage / output* Floodlight 2 LED 50 Watt
*nominal output up to 155 lm/Watt at 5,000 K
*effective output depending on chosen equipment
Colour temperature
3,000 K / 4,000 K / 5,600 K
(others on request)
Light distribution
symmetrical (18°/ 29°/ 54°/ 73°)
Mounting Various retaining brackets on request


Design - Technical Specifications
  Dimensions l x w x h [mm] Weight [kg]
Floodlight 2 LED 506 x 183 x 80 4.3


Equipped with 2 LED Citizen (up to 155 lm/W, nominally)

• Enclosure: 2 mm sheet aluminium
• Multi-chip-on-board LED
• Degree of enclosure protection IP 65
• High luminous flux and good colour rendering 
• Needs-based light distribution
 (symmetrical with various beam angles, see table / asymmetrical)
• Can be swivelled up to 180°
• LENINA reflector systems (may subsequently be exchanged by means of twist-and-lock
• Analogue dimming 1 – 10 V
• Optional accessories: pole mounting bracket, diffusing lens


Subject to technical modifications!