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Distribution Boxes 5 - 10 kV

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Distribution Boxes BS 63-161

Product Description and Application
- Version with 10 kV-terminal(s) for cable cross-sections 35 - 150 mm²

- The terminal consists of a special type of plastic with excellent electrical characteristics

- Enclosure and lid of sheet steel 3 mm or high-grade steel, plastic powder coated

- Fastening of lid by means of undercut hexagon socket head cap screws M 8

- In front of the terminal(s), additional translucent protection of polycarbonate, against accidental contact

- Internal and external protective ground conductor terminals

- Optionally with secondary box with terminals for connection of monitoring, control and optic fibre conductors

- If required cases for desiccants may be attached inside the lid

Type of explosion protection: mining ex I M2 Ex e I
Type of explosion protection: industry ex II 2G Ex e II T6/T5/T4
ex II 2D T 80 °C IP 6X
Degree of enclosure protection min. IP 65
EC type examination certificate

IBExU 05 ATEX 1057


Subject to technical modifications!