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LED Pillar Cylinder

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Model 862

Product Description and Application

This powerful and economic pillar luminaire serves for the decorative outdoor illumination with symmetrically beaming light. They are used as orientation and optical guidance in private and public areas as well as structural light components. Its plain style contributes to a harmonious visual impression, even during the day.


Fields of application are pedestrian zones, squares, parks, terraces, entrance areas, driveways and other prestigious outdoor spaces. The area to be illuminated is lit up rotation-symmetrically, uniformly and with a wide beam angle.


Within the pillar luminaire innovative MCOB LED technology in combination with proven reflector technology is used. The luminaires are equipped with highly efficient LED modules with nominal 120 lm/W at 5,000 K. By means of segmental assembly partial areas, where less light is wanted (e. g. near house walls), can be shaded.


High-quality materials and solid construction make the luminaires particularly suited for areas where there are high requirements in regard to sturdiness.


Light distribution curve

LVK Stele
Model and Performance Variants
Wattage / output* 14 Watt 1,209 lumen
22 Watt 1,901 lumen
*effective 86 lm/Watt at 5,000 K
Colour temperature 3,000 K / 4,000 K / 5,000 K
Light distribution Asymmetrical / symmetrical
Mounting Ground anchor
Design - Technical Specifications
Dimensions l x w x h [mm] Weight [kg]
Ø 200 x 900 14.5
Ø 200 x 1,200 17.0
Ø 200 x 1,800 22.5
Ø 200 x 2,400 27.5


• Enclosure: aluminium
• Acrylic cylinder (PMMA)
• Multi-chip-on-board LED
• Light emission pattern 360°, light distribution: symmetrical
• Optionally, segmental assembly (asymmetrical)
• Degree of enclosure protection IP 54
• LED module and electronic ballast are separately removable and plug-connected
• Optionally, equipped with a telemanagement system


Subject to technical modifications!