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LED DB Mast Double Luminaire Inclination Adjustment Callisto SC

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DB Model 369-M - single-chip module

Product Description and Application

The lighting system of the Callisto SC mast double luminaire including inclination adjustment offers great flexibility. The mast double mounting device is available separately, and it can be equipped according to requirements with luminaires of the model series 339-M or 340-M in different wattages. This LED luminaire is designed as mast luminaire for the illumination of track fields and railway platforms.


Inclination adjustment of the luminaires helps when dealing with challenging lighting situations.


Pay attention to the quality and efficacy of the product. Having an optimised luminous intensity distribution, the quantity of luminaires can be reduced due to larger luminaire spacing. The luminaires are equipped with highly efficient LED modules – supplying nominally 135 lm/W at 4,000 K.


Recommended pole height: 6 - 14 metres


Doppelmastleuchte SC 369
The mounting fixture can be equipped variably - so that for each application the optimal lighting solution is found.
Model and Performance Variants


Wattage / output*

range from ... to ...

to be equipped variably

Up to 40 Watt 1 single-chip module 4,040 lumen
Up to 80 Watt 2 single-chip modules 8,080 lumen
Up to 120 Watt 3 single-chip modules 12,120 lumen
Up to 160 Watt 4 single-chip modules 16,160 lumen
*effective 121.5 lm/Watt at 4,000 K
Colour temperature 4,000 K
Light distribution Asymmetrical
Mounting Side-mounting with inclination adjustment from 0° to +25°
Design - Technical Specifications

Number of modules

Dimensions approx. l x w x h [mm]
depending on equipment

Weight [kg]
2 x up to 40 Watt 1,300 x 183 x 79 11.2
1 x up to 40 Watt,
1 x up to 80 Watt
1,550 x 183 x 79 12.2
1 x up to 40 Watt,
1 x up to 120 (160) Watt
1,800 x 183 x 79 13.2
1 x up to 80 Watt,
1 x up to 120 (160) Watt
2,150 x 183 x 79 15.2
2 x up to 160 Watt 2,500 x 183 x 79 17.2


Design, material and mounting

  • Enclosure of non-corroding aluminium profile
  • High-quality powder coating acc. DB 703 (graphite), on request all RAL colours
  • Direct mounting on the pole without additional work, connecting cable pre-assembled (optionally)
  • External screw connections of high-grade steel
  • Optimal thermal management by directly linking the LED modules with the enclosure
  • Use of heat conducting paste (alternatively heat conducting foil)
  • Integrated pressure compensation valve
  • Degree of enclosure protection: IP 65


Lighting technology

  • LED-single-chip module
  • Colour temperatures: neutral white (4,000 K)
  • Light distribution: asymmetrical
  • Service life single-chip LED: 50,000 h – L90, B10


Electrical design

  • Voltage 195-265 V / 50 Hz
  • LED module and electronic ballast separately removable and plug-connected
  • Electronic constant current LED ballast, efficiency 93 %
  • Power supply interference-suppressed acc. DIN EN 61000-6-3/-4, EN 55011, EN 55022 CI. B, PFC corrected
  • Protection class II acc. to VDE 0140 (DIN EN 61140)
  • Power supply degree of enclosure protection IP 65
  • Standard connection by means of Wieland plugs series ST18
  • Overvoltage protection 4 kV (optionally 10 kV, external module)
  • ENEC 10 tested and approved
  • Wired ready for operation acc. to EN 60598
  • Optionally, equipped with a telemanagement system

Subject to technical modifications!