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LED Ceiling Light Silverlight

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Model 941

Product Description and Application

The LED Ceiling Light Silverlight is excellently suited for mounting in plasterboard ceilings, on concrete ceilings, or as pendant luminaire - and therefore is used in offices, conference rooms, salesrooms, as well as schools and libraries. For surface mounting an aluminium profile frame, 50 mm high, is required which can be ordered as an accessory. Through the pane of frosted glass the LED are not visible and, thus, they produce an even light distribution.

Model and Performance Variants

in mm


lumen output

941-18 295 x 295 18 W 1,650 lm
941-36 1,195 x 295 36 W 3,150 lm
941-40 595 x 595 40 W 3,400 lm
941-72 1,195 x 595 72 W 5,600 lm
Colour temperature
4,000 K
Light distribution
Mounting See table


Plasterboard ceiling Size in mm Item no.
Mounting clips 4 pcs. For 300x300,600x600,1200x300 941-KL-4
Mounting clips 6 pcs. For 1200x600 941-KL-6
Concrete ceiling    
Aluminium profile white, 50 mm, 295x295 For 300x300 941-ALU-295x295
Aluminium profile white, 50 mm, 595x595 For 600x600 941-ALU-595x595
Aluminium profile white, 50 mm, 1195x295 For 1200x300 941-ALU-1195x295
Aluminium profile white, 50 mm, 1195x595 For 1200x600 941-ALU-1195x595
Pendant installation    
Mounting kit per luminaire For 600x600,1200x300,1200x600 941-PM
Design - Technical Specifications
  Dimensions l x w x h [mm] Weight [kg]
Silverlight 18 W 295 x 295 1.25
Silverlight 36 W 1,195 x 295 3.5
Silverlight 40 W 595 x 595 4.1
Silverlight 72 W 1,195 x 595 9.0

• Enclosure: aluminium
• Illuminants: LED
• Light distribution: symmetrical
• Colour temperature: neutral white (4,000 K)
• Connecting cable 2 m
• Service life: 50,000 hours
• Ambient temperature: from -20°C to +50°C
• Energy label A+
• Optional accessories: see model and performance variants


Subject to technical modifications!