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Explosion-Proof Linear Luminaire - Aluminium/Plastic

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2 x 18 to 3 x 58 Watt

Product Description and Application

BöSha linear luminaires provide uniform light, even under the toughest ambient conditions. Not only in Ex areas, but everywhere where humidity and dust prevail, increased fire protection regulations have to be complied with and breakage safety is required these luminaires, being applied for the illumination of long routes, ensure operational safety and reliability.


Typical application areas can be found in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in mines, shipyards, tank systems, food processing facilities, production halls and warehouses, underground car parks, and much more.


The new explosion-proof linear luminaires of the BS 5*****, BS 9***** and BS 8***** series, for bi-pin and four-pin fluorescent lamps, meet the requirements of the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.


State-of-the-art, economical ballasts, in connection with bi-pin fluorescent lamps, contribute to achieving a luminous efficiency which is 30 % higher compared with conventional ballasts and Fa6 fluorescent lamps. By standard unilateral through wiring, in connection with an easily accessible terminal compartment, the installation work is reduced.


Additional time saving during the installation is achieved by applying the optionally available, pre-assembled ready for operation plug connection system BS 208***.


Type of explosion protection: mining Ex I M2 Ex deq I
Type of explosion protection: industry Ex II 2G Ex deq IIC T4/T3
Ex II 2D Ex tD A21 IP 6X T80°C
Degree of enclosure protection IP 66
EC type examination certificate IBExU 97 ATEX 1035
Model and Performance Variants


Nominal voltage




2 x 18 W 230 V   730 x 183 x 130 805... 525...
2 x 36 W 230 V 1,340 x 183 x 130 835... 555...
2 x 58 W 230 V 1,640 x 183 x 130 865... 925...


Other versions on request!


Hole spacing:

L Aluminium/plastic (2 x 18 W) = 100 - 400 mm
L Aluminium/plastic (2 x 36 W) = 200 - 1000 mm
L Aluminium/plastic (2 x 58 W) = 200 - 1300 mm

Design – Technical Specifications

Characteristics of the explosion-proof luminaires


  • Body: aluminium profile with plastic heads, aluminium powder coated RAL 9010 (pure white)
  • Low weight and flat design
  • Luminaires available with different types of enclosures (plastic profile with plastic heads, sheet steel, high-grade sheet steel, sheet aluminium and aluminium profile with plastic heads)
  • Large, easy accessible terminal compartment
  • As standard, with two cable entries
  • Smooth, uv stabilised polycarbonate cover (no discolouration!), optionally available as luminosity intensifying version = 20 % more light
  • New central locking system with high IP protection by combined interlocking of enclosure and cover (opening/closing by means of Allen wrench)
  • No fixed hole spacing for suspension to be observed
  • Long service life of the illuminants by modern, economical electronical ballasts
  • Automatic control and safe switch-off of the lamps at the end of the lamp service life ("end-of-life" set-up)
  • Bi-pin G13 socket, spring-mounted, taking up to 100 Hz
  • Luminaire switch as forced break switch according to EN 60947-1 (IEC 60664)
  • In case of failure of one fluorescent lamp the second one keeps working independently
  • Through wiring with two Ex e cable entries
  • Optionally bi-pin (G13) or four-pin (2G11) fluorescent lamps
  • All luminaires also available as multi-lamp versions
  • Wiring up to 6 mm² (standard: through wiring 3 x 2.5 mm²)
  • Ambient temperature range - 20 °C to + 40 °C - some types up to + 50 °C
  • Optionally internal wiring with temperature stability 70 °C (standard version) or 105 °C
  • All luminaires can be supplied readily assembled with plug connection system BS 208***


Additional characteristics of the explosion-proof luminaires with plug connection system


  • Time saving when installing the luminaires
  • For instruction and training no qualified personnel required
  • All luminaires including plug and socket
  • Pre-assembled luminaire chains also with plug and socket
  • Suitable line termination units for the plug connection system (simple troubleshooting)
  • Interchangeable system components


Subject to technical modifications!