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Plug-In Connectors (increased safety)

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BS 408 / 508

Product Description and Application

The BöSha plug-in connector system BS 408/508 is used for the assembly of a complete compact luminaire system (in connection with the coal face and compact light fitting BS 588400) to be applied in potentially explosive atmospheres.


They are designed as line plug-in connectors (each plug and socket connected via cable entries with heavy rubber-sheathed cables) and for installation in enclosures of type of explosion protection Ex e ("increased safety").


The plug-in connectors consist of plug-in connector plug and plug-in connector socket.

Both enclosure parts, plug and socket, when connected are screwed together with special fasteners according to EN 60079-0.


Plug and socket mainly consist of a plastic enclosure, an insulating body and the contact pins and contact bushes with the wiring points which are placed within the insulating body.


Characteristics of explosion-proof luminaires with plug-in connector system
• Saving time when installing the luminaires
• For instruction and training no qualified personnel required
• All luminaires including plug and socket
• Pre-assembled luminaire chains also with plug and socket
• Suitable line termination units for the plug connection system (simple troubleshooting)
• Interchangeable system components


Type of explosion protection: mining Ex I M2 Ex e I
Type of explosion protection: industry Ex II 2G Ex e II T4
Ex II 2D T 80°C IP 66
Degree of enclosure protection
IP 66
EC type examination certificate
IBExU 05 ATEX 1089 X
Design - Technical Specifications
Nominal insulation voltage 750 V AC
Rated voltage BS 208... 230 to 380 V (white)
Rated voltage BS 308... 380 to 750 (yellow)
Rated current (at 40/50°C)
Max. 44/35 A with 10 mm²
Max. 32/35 A with 6 mm²
Rated cross-section 10 mm²
Cross-sections of contact pins / sockets 1 conductor 6 mm² or 10 mm² each
Control conductor According to DIN VDE 0118 part 2
Degree of protection EN 60529 IP 66
Ambient temperature - 20°C to + 50°C


Subject to technical modifications!